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How Can You Protect Your Electrical Wiring From Rodents

One of the most common reasons as to why people contact commercial pest control services in Noida is to seek respite from electrical damage caused by rodents chewing wires. A rodent infestation, if left unchecked, can have extremely damaging consequences. It is no secret that rodents like chewing virtually anything and everything. Starting from wood and clothing to electrical wires and insulation, there’s hardly an object out there that escapes their gnawing menace.

Dangers Of Overlooking Rodent-Induced Electrical Damage

Most home owners, however, often tend to overlook the hidden threats of electrical malfunctions. The only thing worse than the expenses of correcting a rodent-induced electrical damage is to leave it unattended altogether. In the absence of the requisite supervision, the damage caused to the electrical connections and wiring by these pests can even lead to the breaking out of a life-threatening electrical fire. Hence, even if it is a touch expensive, homeowners are encouraged to shell out a few bucks and get in touch with pest control Noida in the early stages of the damage itself to avoid incurring heavy losses in the long run.

Why Do Rodents Chew Wires?

Unlike human teeth, the incisors in rodents lack roots. Hence, they never stop growing. If it becomes too long, however, it becomes difficult for them to eat. That’s why most experts are of the opinion that rodents chew wires, not because it is enjoyable for them but more as an instinct to prevent teeth outgrowth.

Additionally, it is also reasoned that rodents chew wires because they view them as obstacle. Most rodents make use of the holes in studs or joists to travel from one area to another within your house. On occasion, though, a piece of electrical wiring stands as an obstacle in their path. Hence, in order to eliminate the hurdle, they prefer chewing away the electrical wiring. Cases of rodent-induced electrical damage usually witness a spike in colder months as more rodents try to get into your homes in that period to seek warmth and shelter.

  • Signs of Rodent Chewing Wires
  • The following are among the most obvious signs of rodent infestation and rodent-induced electrical damage in your house:
  • Bite marks on wires and cables
  • Spotting rodent nests and droppings
  • Hearing scratching sounds coming from behind the walls
  • Sightings of chewed out wires scattered around the house
  • Flickering of electrical bulbs and other lights in your hose
  • Tripping of electrical circuits
  • Unexplained and sudden failure of electrical appliances
  • Frequent voltage fluctuations

If you’ve noticed even a couple of these signs, then you should immediately start planting preventing measures in place. Discussed below are a few common practices that you can consider adopting.

Sealing Entry and Exit Points

The first and foremost thing that one can do to protect their electrical wiring from rodents is to seal all exterior holes and crevices that act as possible entry points for rodents into your attic or the interior of wall spaces. Generally, they try to enter your house during the winter months to escape the cold. Before long, however, they start breeding indoor as well. That is when the menace starts unfolding itself.

Depending on the size of the hole in question, try making use of masonry repair or spraying foam insulation in order to fill it. Should the holes turn out to be larger in size, then you might have to consider patching the material altogether. It takes a very small opening to allow rats and mice into your house, so you must not overlook any crevice even if it appears insignificant to the eye.

Carry Out An Evaluation Of Your Electrical System

This is just a classic example of being safe than sorry. Even if you have the slightest suspicion of a rodent infestation plaguing your house, go ahead and get a wiring evaluation carried out by a professional.

Besides knowing the routing of house wiring, a qualified electrician would know how to access and investigate all spans to check for telltale signs of rodent-induced electrical damage. If you have been experiencing electrical problems of late, be sure to convey that to the professional as well.

Place Rodent Traps Around The House

If you are a non-violent person, then you might treat this option as a last resort, but consider it nevertheless. Should the degree of the infestation happen to be overwhelming, then this just might turn out to be your only viable option. Rodent traps and other measures of rodent elimination are a highly effective way of treating rodent infestation and insuring your electrical wiring from damage.

Treat The Nearby Trees

Trim and cut back the limbs of all those trees that are withing 10 feet of your roof or the siding of your home. This will keep squirrels and rats from diving and leaping from these limbs into your home.

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