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How Can You Prevent Mosquitoes From Breeding In Your Backyard?

Every year, as the arrival of monsoon breaks the agonising shackles of the uncomfortably hot Indian summer, people across the country erupt into waves of unadulterated happiness and glee. However, there’s also a certain sentiment of dread that grips their hearts. Though it provides them much-needed respite from the scorching rays of the sun, it also ushers in swarms and swarms of a foe that they despise the most- mosquitoes.

Mosquitoes And The Monsoon Connection

Although mosquitoes can survive in various weather conditions, their breeding activities increase dramatically during the rainy season. This is because continuous rain that pours down during these months results in the formation of multiple pockets of standing water that act as excellent breedings grounds for mosquitoes. Subsequently, the probability of contracting some incredibly fatal mosquito-borne diseases such as Dengue, Malaria, Zika shoots up as well. Failure to take immediate action against these pockets will subject you and your loved ones to prolonged stretches of mosquito infestation.

The best way to get rid of mosquitoes from your backyard is to continuously disrupt their breeding cycle by adopting and implementing various practices. To protect your property from mosquito infestation you must first understand how mosquitoes reproduce and then proceed with systematically destroying any potential breeding grounds in and around your backyard.

Understanding The Mosquito Breeding Cycle

A detailed understanding of the mosquito breeding cycle will help you deal with their menace in a much better manner. Although different species of mosquitoes have varying breed habits, the majority of them prefer laying their eggs in water. This could be either in vegetation or in still water. In a single sitting, female mosquitoes can produce about 100-300 eggs.

Within the next 48 hours, these eggs hatch into larvae. After this, for about a week to 10 days, the larva continues to grow until it changes into a pupa. In the next couple of days, an adult mosquito emerges from the pupa. Typically, the complete mosquito life cycle takes around 6-8 days in the course of making its journey from the eggs to adult stages. Within 14 days, an entirely new generation of mosquitoes gets ready to start this cycle all over again.

Fortunately, mosquitoes don’t breed round the year. They only become active and start breeding when the temperature remains steady around the 50℉. If the temperature starts dipping below this mark, then, depending on the species, they either hibernate or die off altogether. Thus, if you happen to live in an area that is prone to year-round rains and which has a relatively humid climate, then you have to go through the ordeal of experiencing a comparatively longer mosquito season.

Now, that we have discussed the mosquito breeding cycle in detail, let us take a look at a few highly effective practices that will allow you to prevent the breeding of mosquitoes in your backyard.

Never Let Water Stagnate

As we have already discussed above, there’s nothing that attracts the attention of mosquitoes quite like a pool of stagnant or still water. If you notice any pocket of unattended stagnant water in your backyard, clear it at the earliest or cover it with a lid at the very least. You can start by discarding all kinds of unwanted containers or other junk that might collect rainwater. These could be anything including old discarded tires, tin cans, unused bottles, and the like.

Besides scanning your backyard, do not forget to check on your coolers, buckets, or other containers that you use for storing water regularly. While it’s next to impossible to get rid of puddles during the rainy season, there’s a small trick that you can implement nonetheless to nullify the threat of mosquito breeding- pour a few drops of oil into these puddles. This prevents their eggs from hatching and as a result, ends up disrupting their breeding cycle.

Clear The Litter

Debris that gets collected around your house, particularly in backyards, compounds, and gardens often doubles up as an excellent hiding place for mosquitoes. To prevent this, try removing litter and other waste from your house as regularly as possible. Moreover, during the rainy season, ensure that your rain gutters are clean and free-flowing for they tend to get clogged up during bouts of heavy and continuous rainfall.

Besides tidying up your own house and backyard, make sure that your neighbourhood remains trash and litter-free as well. Should you happen to spot any garbage or litter that has been lying unattended for a couple of days or so, make sure that it is picked up and disposed of properly. Clean surroundings go a long way towards getting rid of mosquitoes.

Use Suitable Mosquito Repellants

Here at ZX Pest Control, we make use of powerful repellants such as Bayer Responsar and Bayer K-Othrine that are highly effective in eliminating mosquito infestation. Besides we also make use of the powerful Bharat Hooter which serves this purpose just as well.

While using repellants, however, you should first consult with professional pest control services. This is because most repellants contain harmful chemicals that can harm you and your loved ones if used without proper guidance.


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